Bike Size Calculator for your website

Helps your customers to find the right bike frame size

Eliminates all sizing related hassles for you

No development needed for integration

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Our database contains more than 10.000 bike families, and 50.000 distinct geometries of 300 bike brands.  E-bikes are included as well. 

Higher conversion

No more generic size tables. Tailor fit sizing helps your customers to make a purchase decisions with confidence and ease. Thus reducing the chance of bounce.

Simplier maintenance

No development is needed for integration. You don’t need to worry about different sizing tables for specific brands and bike models, we have it all covered. New bikes are added automatically.

Advanced analytics

We gather data required for size calculation and share it with you 

Right Bike Size is simple

The customer completes 3 step wizard which determines height, inseam, arm length. For more accuracy and on specific bikes, we ask to provide fitness and flexibility information. Right Bike Size matches data with a specific’s bike geometry and gives the frame size suggestion.

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The mission of Right Bike Size is to help your customers choose the correct bike frame size. This will increase the sales conversion rate, reduce returns and drive customer satisfaction.